• Sunsets in Nusa Lembongan Bali

    How Did We Come To Own World Diving Lembongan?

    From Teachers to Entreprenuers!

    The simple answer to this is Bintang!  Yes that delicious cold libation readily available on Lembongan that instigates all sorts of crazy ideas that you have completely forgotten about in the morning.

    Turn the clock back twelve and a half years and you would have found Sue and I working in an international school in Jakarta, Indonesia.  We both had good jobs, a great life style and were even running a small diving club through the school. Like any job, there is always that question,
    “What Next?” but at this stage in our lives we were not looking to make any changes. Life was good.

    Holiday in Lembongan

    We had family over to visit and they were divers, so we made a plan to take them to our favourite spot in Bali, Nusa Lembongan.  Previously we had developed a great relationship with Mark and Shirley , the owners of a little place called World Diving Lembongan, so every trip was now to this dive centre.  We knew that they would take us to great dive sites with manta rays, fantastic reefs, a great dive boat and reliable divemasters. So without hesitation I went to their website and made a booking.

    Mola Bali Penida Crystal Bay
    Spotting Molas In Lembongan.

    We had a fabulous time and dived for several days showing our guests the very best of Bali diving. Our last day we had a double whammy, mantas everywhere at Manta Point and then a mola all to ourselves in Crystal bay. We were ecstatic, and invited our hosts to dinner.

    And so to the Bintang moment. 

    During dinner, we were told that the business was up for sale and we would probably be diving with someone else next time we came out.  You can see where this is leading. Beers had been consumed, we were still buzzing from our dives and the following conversation  ensued,
    “Oh that’s a shame!” Exclaimed John sipping from his frosted glass. “Why do you want to sell up?”
    “Needs must,” replied Mark, “We’ve got to plan for our kids.”
    Sue nodded sagely, decanting yet another bottle of beer into her now empty glass. Then she came out with the fateful words,
    “So, how much are you looking for?”


    We all laughed and chuckled at the idea and after a few more Bintangs, the whole concept faded into oblivion. So we thought.

    Then Came The E-Mail

    And, as the say,

    “The rest is history!”