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  • How do I get to Nusa Lembongan?
    Boats depart from the harbour in Sanur on mainland Bali. We recommend taking the Arthamas boat as it arrives in front of our World Diving dive centre. If you need assistance with booking boats, let us know. We can arrange airport or hotel pickups for you.
  • Where Should I Stay on Nusa Lembongan?
    We have 4 beautiful seafront rooms located next to the dive centre. These are simple rooms that offer great sunsets and you are just steps away from the dive centre. If you are looking for more luxury accommodation, or a villa rental, let us know!
  • Can I Rent Diving Equipment?
    Yes. We have a fully stocked kit room and you can rent individual items or a complete set of gear if you prefer to travel light.
  • Can I go Diving on my Arrival Day?
    Our morning two dive trip departs from the dive center between 7am and 10am, depending on the tides. Due to boat times from Sanur, it is best to arrive on the island and plan for a relaxing day and diving on the following morning.
  • Do I Need to Take PADI e-Learning?
    We recommend taking PADI eLearning for all PADI courses. PADI e-Learning enables you to study from home at your own pace prior to your trip. PADI eLearning means that you will have less classroom time and more time in the water during your stay. Click the image below and get started today!
  • What is the Water Temperature?
    Water temperature varies according to when you dive with us. From November through to June you can expect temperatures to be around 28 degrees. Temperatures drop from July through to October and there can be cool thermoclines below 20 degrees. During these months we recommend wearing a 5mm full length wetsuit.
  • What Facilities are there for Underwater Photographers?
    Our boats carry fresh water boxes for underwater cameras and our PADI certified Divemasters and Instructors are all experienced in guiding photographers of all levels. We have a rinse tank for cameras at the dive centre so you can rinse your photography rig separately to other gear.
  • Can I Dive with Manta Rays?
    We have a resident population of manta rays and diving with them is possible all year round. Manta ray sightings are at Manta Point - a dive site on the south coast of Nusa Penida. Access to this site is available when there is little swell. Ask us in advance if you would like to visit this site and we will advise you about availability.
  • Will I see Mola Mola?
    Sightings of mola (Oceanic Sunfish) are seasonal. The best months are from August through to October. Mola are a deep water species so it is best to have an Advanced Open Water certification that enables you to dive to 30 meters. If you are not yet Advanced certified, ask us about taking the advanced course during your stay!
  • Are There Strong Currents?
    The majority of our dives are drift dives. You won't need to swim into current as our boat follows divers from the surface and will pick you up at the end of your dive. If you want to build your confidence in diving in currents, we recommend taking the PADI Advanced Open Water Course during your stay - this also certifies you to dive to 30 meters!
  • Can My Non-Diving Partner Join Me on the Boat?
    Of course! Providing we have space available, non-divers are welcome to join us on the boat for snorkeling, swimming - or just for the experience. Let us know if you are traveling with a non-diver who wants to join and we will factor this in to your quote.
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